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News: SMF - Just Installed!
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 on: October 04, 2016, 04:49:38 PM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi
Yeah it's such a huge difference from the place that I used to live. That was a true hellhole while it's so peaceful out here.
Really needed the peace and quiet as I was not doing well and started having all kinds of medical issues due to stress alone. It was all just too much after so many years of abuse and living amongst horrible people.

I'm really starting to enjoy life again since I've moved here. And you'll probably understand why I have fewer time to work on magazines.
Besides the 45 minute bike ride to work every day, the garden and home need a lot of work to keep everything in order.
Just this week alone I've taken a week vacation so I would be able to trim all the hedges, trees and bushes to get everything ready for the wintertime.

The little guy seems to be doing great too btw.
I left his cage open yesterday evening so that when he woke up he could finally join the other hedgehogs after getting accustomed to them over the weekend.
Just an hour ago, around 12PM I saw him again as he came back to eat. Smiley
Watched him for a while as he ate and drank and then slowly waggled his way underneath the bushes in the same direction where the others always go. So I think he'll be right at home, which is quite the relief.

You never know if things will work out or not, and it certainly was going through my mind constantly the last couple of days if I did the right thing or not.
Seems like everything is working out perfectly. Smiley

 on: October 04, 2016, 02:27:24 PM 
Started by meppi - Last post by Nreive
Wow, those animals are regular visitors by the sounds of it and who can blame them. That garden looks great, so peaceful and relaxing.

 on: October 02, 2016, 05:07:38 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi
I picked up this little guy on my way home from work last night.


Each day I drive to and from home to work on my bicycle on this small road:

There's very few cars that drive on there but still enough to see a handful of bunny's being flattened on a weekly basis. Sad
So last night as I was driving home in the pitch dark, I notice this little black ball down on the road.
I step of to pick up this tiny hedgehog and am about to put him in the grass on the side of the road as I notice a car coming up in the distance. I also notice how small this little guy is and wonder if he's big enough to get through the winter like this.
So I decided to take him home.

Now don't panic. I'm not trying to keep him as a pet or anything.
I have a family of at least 4 hedgehogs living in my garden which I've been feeding for a couple of months now as you're only supposed to do this before and after the summer.
I put him in a carrying cage for cats for the night, gave him water and some dry cat food and he's been eating nicely.
I noticed this morning that he has his stool is quite soft, so I'm going to keep him a couple more days until he's healthy enough te release. If it doesn't improve I'll call animal rescue.
Right now I put him outside in the garden underneath an overhang, so that when it rains, he remains dry. Got him some dry leaves as well so he can curl up and sleep during the day.
I'm hoping that tonight, when the others come to feed, they notice him/her and check her out, get familiar and hopefully adopt her into the group by the time I'm able to release her.
Really crossing my fingers that all this goes right for the little one.

I now live in the countryside, so that's certainly a plus.
Got all kinds of critters here in the garden, from frogs, mice, all kinds of birds (up to 50 at once during breeding time) and a bunch of Koi's. Sometimes even ducks and a rabbit or two and even a falcon. Smiley

One day later the little guy is doing very well. He's been eating a ton and best of all, the other hedgehogs have all come to check him out last night. Smiley
I put their food next to his cage instead of in the usual spot and thus, they were able to get accustomed to each other.
Gonna see if his droppings normalise and if all goes well, I'll be able to release him tomorrow night. Crossing fingers.

And a little videoclip as well. Wink


 on: October 01, 2016, 08:20:47 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi

This week we are proud to present you with the re-release of the second issue of the Official Sega Magazine.
The precursor to the Official Sega Saturn Magazine.
In the not so distant future we'll be taking a jump in this magazine's past
and look at the very first coverage of the Sega Saturn, starting with issue 17.
But for now, let's look back at the height of the Mega Drive's populatity with this particular issue.
We begin with a look at the feature for Castlevania Bloodlines, followed by one for Sonic 3.
Then we have a look at the Sega Multi-Mega/CDX.
And finally we look at reviews for both WWF Rage in the Cage and Castlevania Bloodlines.

Official Sega Magazine 2 - february 1994 (UK) (REMASTERED)   

Sega Multi-Mega/CDX
Sonic 3
Castlevania Bloodlines (feature)
Castlevania Bloodlines (review)
WWF Rage in the Cage

The Maximum Resolution version (2560px) can be downloaded here.
The Tablet version (1600px) can be downloaded here.
The iPod/iPhone version (1136px) can be downloaded here.

 on: September 24, 2016, 04:52:56 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi

It took a little more time to get the following release ready due to the rather complicated design of the magazine.
But the results are more than worth it. So without further ado, we present you with issue 179 of CVG.
We start this issue of with two PC reviews, the first one for Quake, and the sedond one is for Syndicate.
We also have a special NiGHTS into Dreams for the Sega Saturn which goes over the optimal way to play the game.
And finally we have a preview for Tobal No.1 on the PSone
as well as reviews for Bizarre's Creation Formula 1 as well as Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands,
both of which are for the PSone.

CVG 179 - october 1996 (UK)

Quake (PC review)
Syndicate: The Corporate Wars (PC review)
NiGHTS into Dreams (guide)
Tobal No.1 (PSone feature)
Formula 1 (PSone review)
Bubble Bobble also featuring Rainbow Islands (PSone review)

The Maximum Resolution version (2560px) can be downloaded here.
The Tablet version (1600px) can be downloaded here.
The iPod/iPhone version (1136px) can be downloaded here.

 on: September 19, 2016, 04:44:43 PM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi
I don't know why, but I just love this ad! Smiley

 on: September 17, 2016, 06:33:43 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi

This week we present the re-release of Maximum The Video Game Magazine issue 3
which has been newly remastered so that it looks even better than before.
As previews for this issue we have selected the following articles: The Shoshinkai Show of 1995 (Spaceworld)
that focusses on the upcoming Nintendo 64 and it's launch games.
Next up is an interview with AM#3 on Sega Rally 1995. Then we look at a nice big feature for Virtua Cop on the Sega Saturn.
And we conclude this update with another big feature for Samurai Shodown 3 on the Neo Geo.

MAXIMUM The Video Game Magazine Issue 3 - january 1996 (UK) (REMASTERED)

Shohinkai Show of 1995 (Spaceworld)
Sega Rally 1995 (interview)
Virtua Cop (feature)
Samurai Showdown 3 (feature)

The Maximum Resolution version (2560px) can be downloaded here.
The Tablet version (1600px) can be downloaded here.
The iPod/iPhone version (1136px) can be downloaded here.

 on: September 10, 2016, 04:26:42 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi

This week we look back at Dreamcast Magazine issue 6 with this remastered version of the magazine.
As always, every page has been re-examined and corrections have been made
to the areas that might have been missed in the original release.
The colour values have also been adjusted so that the digital version gives a much better
representation of the original physical edition, and thus the magazine looks much more natural in the process.
This day marks our 7 year anniversary, so it's only fitting that a Dreamcast magazine
would be the choice for this celebration.

Dreamcast Magazine 6 - february 2000 (UK)

The Maximum Resolution version (2560px) can be downloaded here.
The Tablet version (1600px) can be downloaded here.
The iPod/iPhone version (1136px) can be downloaded here.

 on: September 09, 2016, 01:54:20 PM 
Started by meppi - Last post by meppi
That's indeed a great price for it. It equals about €50 for non-Benelux people. Wink

I never found this game in any stores myself.
I only discovered it in a small second hand gameshop where I found quite a few treasures like Shining Force CD for instance. Smiley
Ended up paying €45 for the second hand copy of KOF95, but it was mint so I'm not complaining.
Guess the person that bought it couldn't get the hang of it and quickly traded it in to get something else.

This if actually the game that got me into SNK fighters.
Even though I grew up in a small café that always had arcade cabinets, we never had a NeoGeo cabinet.
Finally got my own AES in the summer of 2003 and have collected 40 games for it over the years.

Sadly, I'm on a strict budget these days, so collection NeoGeo games isn't on my radar realistically. Sad
Unless I win the lottery one day...

 on: September 09, 2016, 06:35:48 AM 
Started by meppi - Last post by RedTop
I remember that issue well, so glad that KoF'95 finally got a European release. I went and bought it as soon as it was available and found, much to my surprise it retailed for only fl109,-!! Thanks to the free membership of a gameshop in Rotterdam it only cost me fl99,-!

I have always been a big fan of SNK games and the inclusion of the cart was such a brilliant thing that really set the Saturn apart.

Me spicy! Cheesy

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