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Raze 1 magazine title:
Raze Issue 1
release date:
November 1990
Newsfield Publications
number of pages:
Richard Monteiro
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
October 1990
final issue:
September 1991



Lemmings (Amiga, ST, PC) (p.8)
Cutie Poo (Amiga, ST, PC Engine, Mega Drive) (p.9)
Battle Chess II (Amiga, ST, PC) (p.10)
Bard's Tale III (Amiga) (p.10)
Subbuteo (Amiga, ST, PC) (p.14)
Rogue Trooper (Amiga, ST) (p.14)

Which Console? :
Amstrad GX4000 (p.24)
Atari Lynx (p.24)
Atari VCS 7800 (p.25)
Commodore 64GS (p.25)
NEC PC Engine (p.26)
Nintendo Entertainment System (p.26)
Nintendo Game Boy (p.27)
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive (p.28)
Hot Slots :
Pigskin 621 AD (p.86)
G-Loc (p.87)
Race Drivin' (p.87)
Smash TV (p.87)
Pit Fighter (p.88)
Fourtrax (p.88)
Mega-Tech System (p.88)


James Pond (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.12)
Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge (Amiga,
Atari ST, PC) (p.49)

Devil Crash (PC Engine) (p.32)
Rick Dangerous II (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.34)
Flight of the Intruder (PC) (p.38)
The Punisher: Circle of Blood (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.41)
Batman (NES, Mega Drive) (p.41)
Todd's Adventure in Slime World
(Atari Lynx) (p.42)
Simulcra (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.44)
Operation Spruance (Amiga) (p.47)
Shadow of the Beast II (Amiga) (p.56)
Future Basketball (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.58)
International Soccer Challenge (Atari ST) (p.60)
Ziriax (Amiga) (p.60)
Super Monaco GP (Mega Drive,
Master System) (p.62)
Manix (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.64)
Hell Explorer (PC Engine) (p.64)
Gold of the Aztecs (Amiga, Atari ST) (p.67)
The Amazing Spiderman (Game Boy) (p.67)
Paperboy (Game Boy) (p.67)



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