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2015 updates:


This week return with another remastered edition of one of our previous releases. As always, every single page has been re-examined and cleaned up where needed. Afterwards this process is completed, we take the lossless TIF files and run them through a batch converter to create high quality jpg images. The new setting that we have implemented make sure that the oversaturated and overly-bright look of the previous release of this issue remains in the past. To get a bit more details on this process, click the following link, which also contains a couple of before/after short.

June 6, 2015 Mean Machines Sega 1 - october 1992 (UK)

After what feels like way too long, and it actually is, since it's been 2 years since the release of issue 7, we are back with issue 8 of the UK N64 Magazine.
This has been a troubled issue for us due to various hard to fix restoration issues that popped up as we went through it. But it is finally completely restored and ready to be released.
We begin with a look at the arcade racer San Francisco Rush. Then we take a peek at the Japanese version of Bomberman 64. From here we go to the review for the cover story: Lylat Wars / Starfox 64. And finally we have a double header with Multi Championship Racing vs Top Gear Rally.

N64 Magazine 6 - november 1997 (UK) May 30, 2015

Due to a ton of work that needs to be taken care of in the real world, our release schedule has slowed down drastically. And sadly, it looks like this remain that way for the next couple of months. But the good news is that Mean Machines Sega is finally fully restored and ready to be downloaded!
This is a big issue ones again, so we have a couple extra preview articles to read as the full issue is being saved to your hard drive.
First up we have the following reviews for Mega Drive: Biohazard Battle, Road Rash 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Twinkle Tale. Then, we also have Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Master System as well as Streets of Rage for the Game Gear.

May 9, 2015 Mean Machines Sega 2 - november 1992 (UK)

After skipping a week due to a rather large magazine ending up a little too big to finish on time, we return with the re-release of Sega Pro issue 8.
As usual this remastered version has been inspected one more time to remove any spots that might have been missed the first time around, before going through the new batch settings to get the overall look of the magazine as close to the original as possible.
In the earlier version of this magazine, certain colours ended up looking fluorescent, even though in the physical magazine they didn't. This has been fixed with this re-release and now looks spot on once again.

Sega Pro 8 - june 1992 (UK) April 4, 2015

This week we are back with another remastered edition of one of our previous releases. As always, every page has been re-examined and edited where needed. Afterwards we take the lossless PSD or TIF files and run them through a batch converter to create high quality jpg images that have been colour corrected to look as close to the original physical rendition as possible. To get a bit more details on this process, click the following link, which also contains a couple of before/after short.

March 20, 2015 Super Play 11 - september 1993 (UK)

This week we go back in time all the way to 1989 with our second issue of the original Club Nintendo magazine.
Again, this magazine is only 20 pages big, so we only have two small preview articles to sample before you download the complete issue.
The first one is for the arcade port by Capcom of the side-scrolling shooter Section-Z. While the second one is also an arcade port, but this time of an overhead shooter by SNK: Ikari Warriors.

Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 4 - 1989 (UK) March 13, 2015

This week we are releasing the second remastered edition of one of our past releases. Every page has been re-examined and every one of the original PSD files has been run through the latest settings algorithm so that the colour values are much more representative of the physical magazine. This isn't easy to accomplish when dealing with digital representations of print. So if you're looking for more details on what all of this means, you can do so by clicking the following link.

March 6, 2015 MAXIMUM 1 - october 1995 (UK) (REMASTER)

This week we present you with the latest issue of Dreamcast Magazine by Paragon Publishing. This time it's issue number 6 which was released in February of 2000.
There's tons of great content in this issue so let's take a quick look with our previews for this magazine:
We start of with the wild and wonderful game by BioWare: MDK 2. Then we look at a game that would end up being finished, but sadly never get an official release: Half-Life for Dreamcast. We move on to another classic gem with Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, and finish up with yet another game that sadly never made it to the Dreamcast but stayed Arcade exclusive: Daytona USA 2.

Dreamcast Magazine 6 - february 2000 (UK) February 27, 2015

Today we will start with the rollout of our remastered versions of older magazines that have been released in the past 6 year.What this means is that we will go over every page once more and clean up where possible and even rescan where needed, so that these magazines look their best. But besides that we also run the original PSD/TIF files through the latest optimal settings algorithm so that the colours are spot on compared to the actual magazines, but also retain all their original shadow depth and black level detail. For more info on what this exactly entails click on the following link.

February 20, 2015 CVG 168 - november 1995 (UK) (REMASTER)

This week we are back with some Sega goodness thanks to the latest issue of Sega Pro, which was originally released in August of 1992.
We have an abundance of Game Gear content up as a preview for this issue, so lets jump right in and take a look at the reviews for Prince of Persia, Klax, Popils and last but not least Marble Madness. All of which are for the Game Gear.
Then we have a look at Batman for the Mega Drive, followed by the Friday the 13th inspired game Splatterhouse II, also for the Sega Mega Drive.

Sega Pro 10 - august 1992 (UK) February 13, 2015

It's been way too long since we released the previous issue of the fan favourite magazine Super Play, so let's rectify this situation right now. ;)
In issue 12 you will find the following articles, among many others: A rare interview with the people who worked for the Nintendo Hotline. The review for the awesome car battle Rock 'N' Roll Racing by Blizzard Entertainment before they were known as Blizzard. And finally, not one, but two great Konami classics! The home conversion of the arcade smash Sunset Riders as well as the cult classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors which was developed by none other than LucasArts.

January 30, 2015 Super Play 12 - october 1993 (UK)

This week we return to Mean Machines with issue number 10, which was releases during the summer of 1991.
We start of with a forgotten and highly underrated arcade gem that got ported to the Mega Drive: Wardner no Mori. Then we look at a shoot 'em up from one of the greatest developers the genre has ever seen: Zero Wing by Toaplan. Furthermore we have the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Mega Drive by Sega's own Sonic Team.
And finally we delve into some good old 8-bit classics with GG Shinobi for the Game Gear and Shadow Warrior for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Mean Machines 10 - july 1991 (UK) January 16, 2015

We've got a nice little suprise for you at the beginning of this new year.
Let us take you back 26 years in time with our first release of the classic European Club Nintendo magazine. This magazine was distributed in a lot of European countries. The only variable being that the text was directly translated into the appropriate languages. We chose the UK version since this will be most convenient for the majority of our readers.
This magazine started of as only being 20 pages, which grew to 36 pages later on in it's life cycle. Therefor we selected only two preview articles to give you a feel for the magazine before hitting the download button. The first article is a short review for Kid Icarus, while the second one takes a look at the game on the cover: Rush'n Attack. Enjoy!

January 2, 2015 Club Nintendo Volume 1 Issue 3 - 1989 (UK)

This release feels a bit bittersweet as the news has just been confirmed that the CVG brand will be put to rest for good after a run of 33 years. The magazine series itself folded in 2004, but the brand continued as a website till the end of 2014. We recommend anyone feeling nostalgic about the good old days to make sure and read the Official feature on CVG.com which includes comments from several key members whom made Computer & Video Games what it was.
Now let's take a look back at issue 178 from 1996 and celebrate the legacy of the brilliant magazine that once was...
We begin with an interview with none other than Shinji Mikami from Capcom. Then we dive into a preview for Virtua Fighter 3 for the arcades, which also includes a short interview with Yu Suzuki. Next up is a special on Quake for the PC, as well as Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64.
And we end on a high note as Paul Davies and the crew take on NiGHTS into Dreams, and we all know how much they loved this particular game. ;)

CVG 178 - September 1996 (UK) December 20, 2014

It's been a while, but we are back to present to you the next issue in the Official Sega Saturn Magazine set.
We start of with a fantastic sequel to an arcade classic that sadly didn't make it out of Japan on the Saturn: Elevator Action Returns. Now, let's continue to the second consecutive OSSM feature for Manx TT, as well as a great feature on Mass Destruction. Our final feature is for the somewhat obscure arcade fighting game by Capcom: Red Earth. But that is not all! We also have a look at not one, but two interviews in this issue. The first one is with Lobotomy Software about Duke Nukem 3D and the second one talks with Tetsuya Mizuguchi about Sega Touring Car Challenge.

November 8, 2014 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 18 - april 1997 (UK)

Continuing our journey on the Sega path, we present to you the latest issue of Sega Pro, which hit the newsstands during the summer of 1992, July to be more precise.
We have a ton of previews for this issue, so let's get started. We begin with a special titled: Guide to Shoot 'Em Ups. Then we take a look at The Winter CES of 1992. We move on to reviews for Exile as well as Bart VS The Space Mutants, both of which are for the Mega Drive.
And then we look at two Game Gear reviews: Crystal Warriors and OutRun Europa before finishing off this update with the Master System review for Prince of Persia.

Sega Pro 9 - July 1992 (UK) September 14, 2014

This time, we feature the second issue of the Official Sega Magazine that was releases in February of 1994.
Keep in mind that when you come across pages that seem to have the wrong number compared what it says in the file name, this is not due to a mistake during the creation of the digital version. But instead a problem that seems to have occurred while putting the original magazine together before going to press. Everything has been kept in place and is representative of physical copy of this magazine.
Now let us take a look at the previews for this issue:
We begin with a look at the feature for Castlevania Bloodlines, followed by one for Sonic 3. Then we have a look at the Sega Multi-Mega/CDX. And finally we look at reviews for both WWF Rage in the Cage and Castlevania Bloodlines.

August 29, 2014 Official Sega Magazine 2 - february 1994 (UK)

Back again with some more Sega Saturn love courtesy of the official Sega Saturn Magazine.
Let's take a look at issue 17 from March of 2017.
Our first preview is for a fan favourite racing game that sadly never left the arcades: Scud Race. We then take another in-depth look at Fighters Megamix as well as the newly converted arcade racer Manx TT Superbike.
And for the final preview of this issue we look at Hexen by Probe Entertainment.
This issue of OSSM also marks the first release with the new calibration settings that we've been talking about in the forums. You might notice that the colour values now are much more representative of the look of the actual magazine, while retaining the vibrant look that makes the original magazine shine.
From here on out we will remaster the back catalogue and release them one set at a time, so keep an eye out for these much improved versions in the coming months.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 17 - march 1997 (UK) August 15, 2014

We've been out for a while due to medical issues, but this week we return with renewed passion.
We've had to hold off on releasing this weeks issue due to quality concerns with the latter half of the magazine as it suffered from severe printing related problems. So when we finally were able to grab a mint copy, work finally resumed on this issue. And you are able to judge the outcome for yourself as you grab your own copy. So let's get on with it shall we?
Our first review is for none other than the top cat-centred platforming game, until Super Mario 3D World came out late last year on the Wii U that is. So without further ado, we present to you: Bubsy! ;) From here we move on to Final Fight 2 and Dracula Kid. Afterwards we look at the interview with Kuniaki Kinoshita from Konami. And finally we go to Chicago for the Summer CES of 1993.

July 27, 2014 Super Play 10 - august 1993 (UK)

It's time to jump back into some Sega Saturn goodness with the latest issue of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine.
This time we jump back to February of 1997 with issue 16.
We start our preview of this issue with Climax's spiritual successor to Landstalker: Dark Savior. Then we move on to not one, but two Die Hard games. The fist one being Sega's own arcade adaption: Die Hard Arcade, also known as Dynamite Deka. The second one being Die Hard Trilogy by Probe Entertainment. And finally we look at fan a favourite: Capcom's timeless puzzle game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 16 - february 1997 (UK) May 23, 2014

After a couple of unforeseen delays, we are finally able to present you with the fully restored, pixel perfect replica of the very first issue of Mean Machines Sega!
To get a sneak peek at what exactly we mean when we talk about restoring a magazine to it's former glory, please take a look at the before and after pictures of the cover of this very issue. We take this project very seriously and go to great lengths to present you with the very best digital replicas of these classic magazines, so without further ado let us get to the content of the preview articles for this issue:
First of we take a look at is the review for Atomic Runner. Then we move on to Jordan Mechner's second game: Prince of Persia. After this we look at the Mega Drive port of the arcade smash, eum: Smash TV. And finally we take a second look at Thunderstorm FX for the Mega CD.

April 25, 2014 Mean Machines Sega 1 - october 1992 (UK)

As we had to postpone issue 10 of Super Play due to quality issues, we jumped straight to issue 11 while we continue our search for a mint physical copy of issue 10. We begin our preview of this issue with a big interview with Nintendo of America Vice President: Peter Main. This isn't the only interview though as we also have one with Factor 5's Julian Eggebrecht about Super Turrican. After all of this goodness we look at The full story of the Nintendo CD. And we end this update with reviews for Mortal Kombat as well as Super Mario All-Stars.

Super Play 11 - september 1993 (UK) March 15, 2014

This time we are proud to present you with the latest issue of MEGA, the Mega Drive magazine. We are up to March of 1996 and this is issue number 6.
The first article we take a look at is the review for The Secret of Monkey Island for the Mega CD. Next up we have Mega-Lo-Mania as well as the all time classic: Another World. And last but not least we take a look at the review for the often forgotten action platformer Ex Mutants.

March 7, 2014 MEGA 6 - march 1993 (UK)

This week we have something special to present to you: The very first issue of the Official Sega Magazine which was the precursor to the Official Sega Saturn Magazine. You will find some very familiar faces in this magazine, including Julian Rignall, Richard Leadbetter and Radion Automatic, just to name a few. We've got a ton of content to get to, so let us begin. We start of with a big feature on two big fighting games: Eternal Champions and Street Fighter II' Champion Edition, both for the Mega Drive. Then we move over to the Master System with Deep Duck Trouble and Masters of Combat. And finally we look at the Mega Drive reviews for Dune 2: Battle for Arakkis and Eternal Champions as well as Silpheed for the Mega CD.

Official Sega Magazine 1 - january 1994 (UK) January 24, 2014

Just a little update to let you know that you can now follow us on Twitter to get the latest info on our releases the minute they go live. Due to having an ever shifting work schedule, we realise that it can be a little tough to keep up to date with our sporadic release schedule. So we decided to create a Twitter account to make the lives of our fans a little easier. This way you don't have to keep checking the news page on a daily basis for an update that might or might not be there. The minute a new update goes live it will be posted on our Twitter account and thus should pop up in your feed instantly.

January 14, 2014 Official Out of Print Archive Twitter

Once again we return to the official archive of PC Player. This time we head into the fifth issue of the PC gaming magazine from April 1994. Starting off our pick of online articles, we take a look at one of the most influential video games of all time with Doom. From there we move onto the relatively unknown space trading adventure Nomad. Our next chosen review is In Extremis, an unfairly dismissed sci-fi first person shooter. And finally, keeping with the sci-fi theme, we enter the world of Star Wars: TIE Fighter with an in-depth five-page preview.

PC Player 5 - april 1994 (UK) January 10, 2014

We start of the new year by travelling back in time exactly 17 years to present you with the January 1997 issue of OSSM.
We have a ton of content to get through, so lets get started. Our first featured article is Christmas NiGHTS followed by Fighters MegaMix. Then we take a look at the review for Sega Ages Volume 1 before looking at a big Virtual On feature as well as the Virtual On review. And we continue with Command & Conquer and finish this update on a high note at the JAMMA Arcade Show of 1996.

January 3, 2014 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 15 - january 1997 (UK)

This week we are proud to be able to present you with the latest issue of Computer & Video Games. We are August of 1996 and the N64 has just been released in Japan while the PSone and Sega Saturn are starting to come into their own.
Our very first selected feature is a preview for the first Aquanaut's Holiday for the PSone. The second preview is none other than Crash Bandicoot. Then we take a look at Pilotwings 64 for the Nintendo 64. And finally we take a look at the 3D sequel to Flashback on the PSone: Fade To Black.

CVG 177 - august 1996 (UK) December 27, 2013

What better way to follow up our Dave Perry interview with a brand new release of Sega Pro?
Even though it's the middle of winter right now, let us take you back to the summer of 1992 with issue number 8 of this great magazine. We start of our featured articles with a review for the Mega Drive classic Alisia Dragoon. Then we move on to the review of one of the best games on the Game Gear: Monster World 2: The Dragon's Trap, known in the west as Wonderboy 3: The Dragon's Trap.
Now we move on to a classic movie conversion: The Terminator and we finish off this update with a somewhat forgotten shoot em up: Trouble Shooter.

December 20, 2013 Sega Pro 8 - june 1992 (UK)

Following on from part one of our Dave Perry interview, we discuss his life after Paragon Publishing, working for a videogame software company, taking on the might of the Official PlayStation Magazine, launching a magazine publishing company, setting up his own business in his home town and more......

Dave Perry interview - part 2 December 6, 2013

This week, we have something very special lined up for you. We were fortunate enough to be able to conduct an interview with none other than Dave Perry.
He launched and edited over 30 videogame magazines, helped launch two videogame TV shows, founded his own successful publishing company and became the best known journalist celebrity of his time. We caught up with the Dave Perry to reminisce about all these achievements and how it all lead to one of his very first passions.
Since it's quite an extensive interview, be sure to check back next week for part two.

November 9, 2013 Dave Perry interview - part 1

Continuing the trend with lots of love for anything Sega, this week we jump to December of 1996 with issue 14 of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine.
We start of with a feature on the incredible Christmas NiGHTS, then move on to an in-depth showcase for Virtua Cop 2. After all this we have not one, but two interviews. The first one is with Lobotomy Software on Exhumed, while the second one talks to Sega AM#3 about the Saturn conversion of Virtual On. And finally we look at two reviews: Daytona USA CCE and Virtua Cop 2.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 14 - december 1996 (UK) November 2, 2013

This week we go back a little further in time and revisit the 16-bit era with the Mega Drive exclusive magazine: MEGA.
Right now we are February 1993 and issue 5 has just hit the newsstands. From our preview articles we select every time, the first review that grabs our attention is for the incredibly addictive multiplayer game Micro Machines. After this, we look at the Full Motion Video game for the Mega CD called Road Blaster FX.
And finally we take a look at Rolo to the Rescue as well as PGA Tour Golf II.

October 26, 2013 MEGA 5 - february 1993 (UK)

We return this week with issue 5 of Dreamcast Magazine by Paragon Publishing/Imagine Publishing.
Since we already had a ton of reviews from this magazine on the site, our update refreshes these a bit so that they now appear as fully edited and restored previews on the site. And we put in a new one as well, just for good measure. The first review we feature is for the timeless arcade classic Crazy Taxi. After that we look at the often forgotten Armada. And after this we look at both Virtual On Oratorio Tangram and Zombie Revenge.

Dreamcast Magazine 5 - january 2000 (UK) October 19, 2013

Back with a new update a little sooner than expected, we are proud to present you with the latest issue of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine, number 13 to be precise.
As this issue is packed with content, we could almost put up the full issue as a preview, which we almost did! So lets get started with the previews for this week:
We start of strong with an interview with Sega AM#2's Hiroshi Kataoka about Fighting Vipers. Then we go on to features for Real Bout Fatal Fury as well as Virtual On for the Saturn, but also Sega Touring Car Championship, Virtua Fighter 3 and X-Men vs. Street Fighter, all of which are for the arcade versions. Finally we have a couple of reviews for the Sega Saturn: Street Fighter Alpha 2, Tomb Raider and World Series Baseball 2.

September 20, 2013 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 13 - november 1996 (UK)

This time we return to 1993 with the latest fully restored issue of Super Play. It's been a while since we released the last issue of Super Play, but that is because this issue needed some extra polish and attention before it was ready to be released. Have a quick look at one of the pages that needed some extensive work.
As always, we have selected four preview articles so you can get a feel for the issue while the full magazine is downloading. The first feature takes a look at Video Game Music and the people who create it. Then we take an in-depth look at Street Fighter II Turbo. And finally we look at the review for Super Bomberman as well as the Japanese only release of SD Great Battle III.

Super Play 9 - july 1993 (UK) September 13, 2013

Been a while since the last update due to lingering health issues that I'm having to be dealth with. But anyway, here is the latest issue of Mean Machines.
We start of this update with A Boy and His Blob for the NES, followed by two more NES games: Solstice and Super Spike V'Ball. Then we look at one of the very first Super Famicom reviews from Mean Machines: F-Zero. And finally we take a look at a rather underrated game for the Mega Drive: WrestleWar.

August 24, 2013 Mean Machines 9 - june 1991 (UK)

To mix things up a bit, this time we return to the Mega Drive era with Sega Pro issue 7 from May 1992.
The first article we look at is a feature on a Japanese exclusive system, the WonderMega. Which is in our humble opinion one of the most beautiful gaming systems ever created. From there we look at Alien Syndrome for the Game Gear, and then move on to some Mega Drive goodness in the form of Double Dragon and Granada X.

Sega Pro 7 - may 1992 (UK) July 26, 2013

We delve back into the officially sanctioned archive of PC Player with the fourth issue from March 1994. As the front cover emphasises, the magazine's main focus is simulation, strategy and adventure, and there was some fine examples of all these genres this issue... With the recent reboot causing problems with its online features, we look back at the classic Sim City 2000. From there we jump over to Alone in the Dark 2, the eagerly awaited sequel to the survival horror adventure classic. we then take in a bit of police action with the fourth installment of the Police Quest series: Police Quest: Open Season. And rounding off the adventuring articles, we step into the world of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father.

July 13, 2013 PC Player 4 - march 1994 (UK)

Jumping back to the Sega side, this week we are proud to present to you the latest issue of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine. I This time it's the October 1996 issue.
As the magazine is full of goodness, let's get started right away. First of we take a look at the feature for Bubble Bobble featuring Rainbow Islands, as well as the review for it. We also take a look at the review for Fighting Vipers and move on to features for Daytona USA CCE, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Tomb Raider and the arcade version of Dynamite Deka.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 12 - october 1996 (UK) June 22, 2013

Returning yet again to the Nintendo side of things, this week we are proud to present to you the digitally restored issue of the latest N64 Magazine.
Our first two highlighted articles a bit special. The first one takes a look at how N64 games actually work, while the second one looks at how to go about buying video game magazines in Japan in 1997. After all of this we take a look at the review for the underrated, yet highly entertaining, not to mention extremely original take on Tetris, with Tetrisphere.
And to finish of we take a look at the following Formula 1 racer for the system: F1 Pole Position 64.

June 1, 2013 N64 Magazine 7 - october 1997 (UK)

We end this month a similar way that we started it off: with lots and lots of Dreamcast love!
This time we are able to present you with the very first issue of DC-UK which was released in September of 1999 by Future Publishing.
At first we take a look at a feature that's actually a rather large hardware special called: Joy Machine. After this we move on to three different reviews. The first one for The House of the Dead, followed by TrickStyle. And finally we look at the arcade conversion of Virtua Fighter 3TB.

DC-UK 1 - september 1999 (UK) May 25, 2013

This week we are proud to present you with the next issue of CVG under the watchful eye of Paul Davies. Like always, we have selected a handful of articles to preview before you download the full issue in one of the three sizes available.
Our first highlighted articles is the review for a little PC game called Duke Nukem 3D. Next up we have two Playstation classics. The first one is the birth of a giant franchise named BioHazard in Japan, but known over here as Resident Evil. The second review is for a sequel in the long running Konami series: International Track & Field.
And we end this week with quite a bang. As we are starting to get very close to E3 2013, every gamer can feel the tension building. So this is the perfect time to look back to the humongous E3 1996 special in this latest issue of CVG.

April 17, 2013 CVG 176 - july 1996 (UK)

As a follow up to last weeks special about the very beginning of the Official Dreamcast Magazine in the UK, this week we focus on the mini version of issue zero that was distributed a short while before the full sized issue zero reached the store shelves of your local news agent.
Keep in mind that this mini issue was only about 1/3 the size of the actual magazine so our 'Max-Rez' version will not have a horizontal width of 2400 pixels, but instead only be 1700 pixels wide.
Also, due to the fact of this being more of a flyer than an actual magazine, we don't have any preview articles online, yet you are still able to download the magazine in it's entirety, which is sure to give you a little taste of great things to come.

Official Dreamcast Magazine 0 mini - august 1999 (UK) May 10, 2013

It's surprising what you discover if you take a little time to look around as we did with our videogame magazine collection. It's also even more surprising if you happen to come across a rather rare dummy issue of a Dreamcast Magazine. And we don't mean the issue zero or preview issues that are floating around the web in a pretty poorly scanned fashion. We're talking about the blueprint of a magazine that would come away with the official Sega Dreamcast magazine licence. This was a fascinating discovery and we felt compelled to learn more, so who better to ask than Mark Higham, the editor-in-chief and the man who was brought in to produce the Official Dreamcast Magazine for Dennis Publishing.

May 3, 2013 From Dummy Issues to Official Dreamcast Magazines

After focussing on Sega systems for quite a while, we felt it was only fair to give Nintendo some of the love they deserve. And what better way to do this than with a new issue of the cult classic Super Play magazine.
The first feature we have selected as a preview for this issue looks at just what it takes to create a game from start to finish. The game in question is Syndicate. After this one of a kind feature, we look at the review for the sequel to the NES game Solstice, which is titled Equinox. We also take a look at the shoot-em-up Bio Metal, and last but certainly not least we take a closer look at the platforming sequel to a long lasting shooter series: Pop'N Twinbee.

Super Play 8 - june 1993 (UK) April 26, 2013

It's only just been a little over a month since we presented you with the last Sega Pro issue, yet we are already back for more this week with issue number 6.
For our selected articles we start of with Desert Strike for the Mega Drive, and keep with the war-theme in a completely different genre as we look at Warsong. From here we look at the chibi version of Valis for the Mega Drive, appropriately named SD (Super Deformed) Valis.
After all this 16-bit goodness we look back at some classic
8-bit fun with Bonanza Bros for the Master System and Spider-Man for the Game Gear.

April 12, 2013 Sega Pro 6 - april 1992 (UK)

This week, we return to the Official Sega Saturn Magazine with issue 11 and witness the reigns of power being transferred from Sam Hickman to Richard Leadbetter.
As always, we have selected a host of preview articles from this release, so let's get started.
Our first feature is for Saturn Bomberman, which is arguably the best game in the series. Next up we take an in-depth look at the Saturn conversion of Fighting Vipers. Then we move on to the review for Keio Flying Squadron 2. And we finish up strong with not one, but two interviews. The first one is with Sonic Team and talks about Nights into Dreams, while the second one is with Treasure and talks about their games from the past as well as present.

Official Sega Saturn Magazine 11 - september 1996 (UK) March 29, 2013

Chances are that the majority of people wouldn’t have even noticed that there was a videogame magazine crash in 1994. That’s not surprising as it easily passed us by and only came to light once we looked at some of the facts and figures from that period. To fully understand the enormity of the ‘crash’ we need to go back in time to 1993 when the 16-bit consoles and computers were at the height of their commercial power and the old 8-bit range of machines were still clinging on. 1993 must surely go down as one of the busiest and most successful years in videogame magazine history.

March 15, 2013 The Videogame Magazine crash of 1994

After a lot of trouble, we can finally present to you, the next issue of Sega Pro. The reason for the delay of this issue is that because it included one page that was damaged beyond repair, or so we thought. As we are known for our quality output, under no cicumstance did we want to release this issue in questionable condition. So we held off releasing it until we found a new copy of the magazine. This sadly never happened as another one never popped up.
The only thing we could do at this point was reconstruct the damaged page to the best of our abilities. And we feel like we accomplished that goal, if we say so ourselves. It did take over 14 hours of painstaking editing work of which you can see the process at the bottom of our Restoration Process feature as well as in the forum news post.
So we are proud to finally present the immaculately looking issue 4 of Sega Pro. The first review we have selected is Lucky Dime Caper for the Master System. Next up we have a look two games for the Game Gear: Berlin Wall and Sonic the Hedgehog. Last but not least we take look at Golden Axe II as well as F1 Grand Prix, both games for the Mega Drive.

Sega Pro 4 - february 1992 (UK) March 8, 2013

This week we return to the magazine that pretty much launched our site back in 2009. Time sure hasn't stood still and we have grown from a site with only a handful of Dreamcast articles to what you see today.
Not wanting to keep you waiting any further, we proudly present the next issue of Dreamcast Magazine.
We sure have a lot of articles selected for this one, so let's get started. First of we have several fighting games lined up: Fighting Force 2, Marvel Vs Capcom, Psychic Force 2012 and Street Fighter Alpha 3.
After all that violence, it's time to put away those fists of fury and pull out the bazookas with Worms Armageddon. If that still isn't enough, you might be interested in Vigilante 8: Second Offense. And we finsih off with something completely unrelated: NBA Showtime.

March 1, 2013 Dreamcast Magazine 4 - december 1999 (UK)

It seems like even though a lot of people read the interview we posted last week with Steve Jarratt, only a very small number of you found the little easter-egg that we hid inside it. The easter egg we are talking about is none other than the very first issue of S: The Sega Magazine.
As always, we have selected 4 preview articles from this magazine. The first one is a review for one of the finest Master System games created: Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap. Next up we take a look what's underneath the hood of the Sega Master System with the hardware feature called SMS The Inside Story. And finally we look at the lightgun game Wanted as well as Casino Games.

S: The Sega Magazine issue 1 - october 1998 (UK) February 22, 2013

This week, we have something rather special lined up for you. We caught up with Steve Jarratt and were able to talk to him about some of his biggest achievements in the publishing world.
Steve Jarratt is a long-time videogames journalist and magazine editor with 25 years experience in the industry. Having spent the majority of that time at Future Publishing, Steve launched a number of successful and influential magazines, some of which are still being published to this day...

February 15, 2013 Steve Jarratt interview

This time we return to the N64 Magazine set with issue 6.
We start of with one of several features in this magazine, called Come forth RPG's, which also includes a look at the work in progress on the never to be released Mother 3 on the N64. Then we jump back and take a look at the previous generation with the feature called Antiques Codeshow. Up next we have a deeper look into Space Station Silicon Valley, and we end with the review for Wayne Grezky's 3D Hockey.

N64 Magazine 6 - september 1997 (UK) February 8, 2013

Few people would ever think that a game was totally perfect in every way. Even the best games off all time have their faults, minor or otherwise, so it would be unthinkable to give a game an overall rating of 100%, for instance.
And yet, it is surprising how many magzine reviews did dish out perfect marks in the past. If anyone did complain about the high marks the response would usually be along the lines of “if you're going to use a scoring system and yet not use it in full then you may as well not bother using it.”
That may be true to some extent, but if you're going by that philosophy then why isn’t the other end of the scoring system used where we would see more 0% games?
The majority of magazines did stick to a more realistc rating scale of 0%-97%, but there were occasions where 100% surprisingly cropped up.

January 31, 2013 Praise Indeed!

We start of the new year with an issue that hit the newsstands exactly 20 years ago, namely MEGA issue 4.
The first feature we want to highlight is a hardware special about the weird and wonderful Menacer. From here we move on to one of the best beat-em-ups of all time: Streets of Rage 2. Next up we have the classic smash-mouth racing game Road Rash 2, and we finish of this update with the review for WWF Super Wrestlemania.

MEGA 4 - january 1993 (UK) January 25, 2013

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