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2016 updates:


This week we revisit the very first issue of Mean Machines Sega with another remastered edition.
It's not so long ago that we released the original remastered version of this magazine, but with the troubles that our filehost ran into a while back, we just want to make sure that every issue is up in it's intended form.
This means first and foremost that you will be able to download it, but also that none of the pages show up corrupted in one way or another.
Also, this gives us the opportunity to add the scan date to this issue so that in case there are any future updates to the magazine, it's easy to see which version you have compared to the one on the servers.

February 13, 2016 Mean Machines Sega 1 - october 1992 (REMASTERED)

This week we are looking at the remastered version of Computer & Video games issue 168.
As always, this issue has been re-examined for spots, dust, scratches, tears, ink smears and just about anything else that you can think of.
Every page has also has been colour corrected so that this digital rendition looks as close as possible to the original physical version as it hit the newspaper stands in late 1995.

CVG 168 - november 1995 (UK) (REMASTERED) January 30, 2016

This week sees the release of the newly remastered version of MAXIMUM The Video Game Magazine Issue 2 from november 1995.
Alongside the extra layer of polish that has been added thanks to correcting any spots or blemishes that might have been missed in the past as well as fixes to certain pages that weren't possible with the skillset at the time, we also implemented the latest colour correction settings to make the magazine seem spot on with the actual physical rendition. So the magazine has never looked better! Seeing as how the original version was releases 7 years ago, these improvements were quite welcome.

January 23, 2016 MAXIMUM 2 - november 1995 (UK) (REMASTERED)

This week we are re-releasing issue 1 of MAXIMUM.
The issue had been re-released about a year ago already, but with the server troubles that our file host has had, quite a few magazines have gotten corrupted or even completely broken and thus impossible to download.
So by redoing the release we can ensure that these 2016 issues are available in perfect condition.
Also, with the new date stamps being implemented on each release, both on the magazine's final page as well as on the site's release page for said magazine, it's now much easier to know if you have the latest version of a magazine or not.
For more info on this please check out the folloing forum post.

MAXIMUM Issue 1 - october 1995 (UK) January 16, 2016

Sooner than most expected, we are back with another magazine release. This time it is none other than issue 19 of the Official Sega Saturn Magazine from May 1997.
We start of with one of my favourite features that occasionally pop up in classic video game magazines, a trade show special. This one is even more special than usual since it covers arcade games: The AOU Amusement Expo of 1997. We follow this up with features for Saturn Bomberman, King of Fighters '96 and Quake. The latter one also includes an interview with Lobotomy Entertainment. And to finish up the preview for this issue we have the following reviews: Super Puzzle Fighter II, Return Fire and Saturn Bomberman.

January 9, 2016 Official Sega Saturn Magazine 19 - may 1997 (UK)

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