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Sega Pro 1 magazine title:
Sega Pro 1
release date:
November 1991
Paragon Publishing
number of pages:
Dominic Handy
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1991
final issue:
September 1996
scan date:
August 2017



Datel Action Replay (Mega Drive) (p.6)
Master Gear (Game Gear) (p.8)
Mega CD development (p.8)
Console Concepts (p.9)
news from Japan (p.12)
3x3 Eyes (Mega CD) (p.12)
F-1 Grand Prix (Mega Drive) (p.12)
Commando 2: MERCS (Mega Drive) (p.13)
Y's III (Mega Drive) (p.13)
Lunar The Silver Star (Mega CD) (p.13)
Pro Baseball Super League '91 (Mega Drive) (p.13)
news from USA (p.14)
Mega CD (p.14)
SlaughterSports (Mega Drive) (p.14)
Arcus Odyssey (Mega Drive) (p.14)
Slider (Game Gear) (p.15)
Lucky Dime Caper (Master System) (p.14)
Solitaire Poker (Game Gear) (p.14)
Mario Lemieux Hockey (Mega Drive) (p.14)
Sonic the Hedgehog (Master System) (p.24)
Super Space Invaders (Master System) (p.24)
Pigskin (Mega Drive) (p.24)
Marble Madness (Mega Drive) (p.24)
Fatal Rewind (Mega Drive) (p.24)
Bonanza Bros (Master System) (p.25)
Asterix the Gaul (Master System) (p.25)
The Terminator (Mega Drive) (p.25)

James Pond 2 (Mega Drive) (p.20)
F-22 Interceptor (Mega Drive) (p.21)
Out Run Europa (Master System) (p.22)
Die Hard 2 (Master System) (p.22)


The Immortal (Mega Drive) (p.30)
World Class Leader Board (Master System) (p.34)
Factory Panic (Game Gear) (p.26)
Xenon II: Megablast (Master System) (p.38)
Outrun (Game Gear) (p.40)
The Flintstones (Master Systems) (p.44)
Mike Ditka Power Football (Mega Drive) (p.46)
Shadow of the Beast (Master System) (p.48)
Jewel Master (Mega Drive) (p.50)
Klax (Mega Drive) (p.52)
Vapor Trail (Mega Drive) (p.54)
El Viento (Mega Drive) (p.56)
Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive) (p.58)
Toejam and Earl (Mega Drive) (p.62)
Pacman (Game Gear) (p.64)
Galaxy Force II (Mega Drive) (p.65)
Fantasy Zone (Game Gear) (p.66)
Rastan Saga (Game Gear) (p.67)

Populous (Master System) (p.68)
Fantasia (Mega Drive) (p.70)
Bonanza Bros (Mega Drive) (p.72)
Pac-Mania (Mega Drive) (p.72)
Road Rash (Mega Drive) (p.72)
Stormlord (Mega Drive) (p.74)

Streets of Rage (Mega Drive) (p.80)



Sega Pro

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