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Sega Pro 8 magazine title:
Sega Pro 8
release date:
June 1992
Paragon Publishing
number of pages:
Dominic Handy
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1991
final issue:
September 1996
scan date:
July 2017



Become a GamesMaster (pg.8)
Sonic CD (pg.8)
Wing Commander (Mega CD) (pg.16)
Rise of the Dragon (Mega CD) (pg.16)
Devilish (Mega Drive) (pg.16)
Detonator Organ (Mega CD) (pg.17)
Aerial Assault (Game Gear) (pg.17)
Egoistic Gambler (Game Gear) (pg.17)
Royal Blood (Mega Drive) (pg.18)
Dino Brothers (Mega Drive) (pg.18)
Gleylancer (Mega Drive) (pg.18)
Vixen 357 (Mega Drive) (pg.19)
Magical Girl Silky Lip (Mega Drive) (pg.19)

The Terminator (Mega Drive) (pg.32)
Monster World 2: The Dragon's Trap (Game Gear) (pg.36)
Marble Madness (Master System) (pg.38)
Super Off Road (Mega Drive) (pg.40)
Arcade Smash Hits (Master System) (pg.42)
Jordan vs Bird (Mega Drive) (pg.44)
Corporation (Mega Drive) (pg.46)
Test Drive II: The Duel (Mega Drive) (pg.56)
European Club Soccer (Mega Drive) (pg.60)
Bad Omen (Mega Drive) (pg.62)
Slime World (Mega Drive) (pg.63)
Alisia Dragoon (Mega Drive) (pg.64)
Mario Lemieux Hockey (Mega Drive) (pg.66)
Ax Battler (Game Gear) (pg.68)
Trouble Shooter (Mega Drive) (pg.70)


Olympic Gold (pg.20)
Bart vs. The Spacemutants (Mega Drive) (pg.22)
World Class Leaderboard Golf (Mega Drive) (pg.24)
Out Run Europa (Game Gear) (pg.24)
Global Gladiators (Mega Drive) (pg.24)
Mega Lo Mania (Mega Drive) (pg.25)
Popils (Game Gear) (pg.25)
Powermonger (Mega Drive) (pg.25)
David Robinson's Supreme Court (Mega Drive) (pg.25)
Virgin on the Game Gear (pg.26)
Road Riot 4WD (Mega Drive) (pg.26)
Out of This World (Mega Drive) (pg.26)
Universal Soldier (Mega Drive) (pg.27)
Railroad Tycoon (Mega Drive) (pg.27)
Lemmings (pg.27)
Super Monaco GP2 (Mega Drive) (pg.27)
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Mega Drive) (pg.28)
James Pond II: Robocod (pg.28)
King Salmon (Mega Drive) (pg.28)

El Viento (Mega Drive) (pg.76)
The Berlin Wall (Game Gear) (pg.77)
Rings of Power (Mega Drive) (pg.80)
Shining in the Darkness (Mega Drive) (pg.84)
Pittfighter (Mega Drive) (pg.87)
Two Crude Dudes (Mega Drive) (pg.88)
Super Off Road (Mega Drive) (pg.89)

Wonder Boy in Monster World (Mega Drive) (pg.96)



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