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Super Play 7 magazine title:
Super Play 7
release date:
May 1993
Future Publishing
number of pages:
Matt Bielby
country of origin & language:
United Kingdom & English
premiere issue:
November 1992
final issue:
September 1996



Nintendo restructure (p.8)
PC-Engine gets Street Fighter II (p.9)
Throw away your adapter (again)! (p.9)
Chin Li lookalike fever! (p.9)
Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen (p.10)
FM Towns Marty (p.10)
Super Air Diver (p.10)
Street Fighter II contest (p.10)
Street Fighter III on the way? (p.10)
Super Famistar 2 (p.10)
Final Fight 2 (p.10)
Pop 'N' Twinbee (p.11)
Mario Easter Eggs (p.11)
Darius III (p.12)
Cotton 100% (p.12)
Sonic Wings (p.12)
Bio Metal (p.12)
Super Pro Wrestling (p.13)
Japanese Pro Wrestling (p.13)
BS System (p.13)
Super Play hot list (p.13)
Live from Hell City: Casualty (p.14)
Coin-op of cop out? (p.14)
Ghost Kitaro (p.14)
Ultra Seven (p.14)
Breath of Fire (p.16)
Nobunaga's Ambition (p.16)
Doraemon (p.16)
2020 Super Baseball (p.16)
Art of Fighting (p.16)
Neugier (p.16)
Jimmy Connors competition (p.17)
Anime World (p.18)
Books (p.20)
'Chun Li is a man' SHOCK! (p.20)
CD-ROM: more details emerge (p.21)
Dragon Ball Z (p.22)
Septentrion (p.22)
Y's IV: Mask of the Sun (p.22)
Monthly Charts (p.23)
F1 Exhaust Heat (p.24)
Nigel Mansell's F1 Championship (p.24)
Databook (p.24)

Stealth (p.62)
Angler (p.62)
QJ Topfighter (p.62)
Trailblazer (p.63)
Supercon 2 (p.63)
Quickfire QF-5 (p.63)
Super Advantage (p.63)
City Boy (p.63)
Quest (p.63)
SN Propad (p.64)
Turbo Touch 360 (p.64)
Fighting Stick (p.64)


Argonaut - Jez San (p.26)

Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt (p.30)
The terminator (p.58)
Chessmaster (p.61)
Warpspeed (p.61)
The Blues Brothers (p.66)
Magic Sword (p.69)
Pebble Beach Golf (p.69)
Super Pang (p.76)
Super Double Dragon (p.76)
Super Star Wars (p.76)
Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse (p.76)
Best of the Best Championship Karate (p.76)

Starfox (p.34)
Batman Returns (p.40)
Aerobiz (p.50)
Psycho Dreams (p.51)
The Hunt for Red October (p.52)
Evil Sword (p.53)
Super Bikuriman (p.60)
Super Fire Pro Wrestling 2 (p.60)
Cosmo Gang The Puzzle (p.67)
Pro Quarterback (p.68)
Uncharted Waters (p.72)
NBA All-Star Challenge (p.72)
Usio and Tora (p.73)
California Games 2 (p.73)
Clue (p.74)
Monopoly (p.74)
Jeopardy (p.75)
Cal Ripkin Jr Baseball (p.75)

Role Playing the Japanese way (p.44)
What exactly is an RPG? (p.44)
But aren't all RPGs a bit, well, boring? (p.44)
So how different are Japanese RPGs? (p.45)
So what exactly makes a good RPG? (p.45)
The Dragon Quest phenomenon (p.46)
Dual Orb (p.47)
Elfaria (p.47)
Estopolis (Lufia) (p.47)
Dorabotchan (p.47)
Albert Odyssey (p.47)
Final Fantasy V (p.47)
Ogre Battle (p.48)
Neugier (p.48)
Sword World (p.48)
Holy Sword Legend (Legend of Mana) (p.48)
Legend of Heroes II: Dragon Slayer (p.48)

Magical Quest starring Mickey Mouse (p.54)
Bart's Nightmare (p.70)



Super Play

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